My *Hot* Travel Bucket List for 2017


Five countries.

Four continents.

All 2016 savings wiped cleaned by plane tickets.

And 0 regrets.

This year’s 🎲 have been cast, and it’s shaping up to be a great year for travels!

The first countdown: Basel


The flight to Basel was shamelessly cheap at 35 € for a return ticket.

But going there in peak Baselworld means even a cardboard under the river is going to be expensive.

Airbnb to the rescue! We managed to secure one of the website’s last 5 offers under 120 € for that weekend.

Still pretty expensive, but we knew what we were getting into..

However, looking back to my recent Geneva visit & the amazing mountain views, I’m sure we’ll be in for a blast!

Also worth mentioning: the speed at which people live their lives in Switzerland is taken down a notch.

And of course it is! One needs to walk a little slower to properly take in those amazing mountain views! Living life slow means you get to squeeze more juice out of it too.

Doesn’t work for everyone, though..

( Damn you, theory of relativity )

Off-season Ibiza


And this was on purpose.

Because well, I’m turning 30 years young (not old) soon and I want to enjoy the island for what it really has to offer.

Also, I hear Formentera island just off the coast of Ibiza is a sort of tropical beach paradise lost in European seas, and I want to see it sans the crowds.

We’ll be setting our weekend headquarters in Ibiza town and wander around the main island, then head to Formentera by ferry.

And who knows: if the water is friendly, I’ll get to show off my newly acquired swimming skills too! (newly, yeah – don’t judge, don’t care)

By the way: I looove my new home away from home, Barcelona!

Flights galore, and cheap too. I am only going to say this: 30 € flight to Ibiza. Yep.

A Balinese Easter

IMG_7699 jatiluwih, risaie a terrazza.jpg
The infamous Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Since we’re a bit short on vacation days this year, with the move to Barcelona & change of jobs and all, we’re shuffling around days off and weekends.

So we’ll be combining the 2 days off for Easter with weekends to maximize our travel time.

I am really looking forward to Bali:  because of this, among many others.


Rendez-Vous with the Pengiuns

Which unfortunately is not Antarctica, though I’m working on it, I’m working on it…

In the meantime, South Africa has amazing vineyards, the infamous Cape Horn, safari options galore and of course, a beach full of penguins!


Boulders beach, here I come!

We’ll be spending a full 10 days between Johannesburg and Cape Town, but it’s going to be a tough job to prioritize on what to do and where to go.. (ehh, a good problem to have)

It’s such a shame that the 1.000 year old Sunland Baobab tree broke last year..

I was really looking forward to seeing baobabs  (in the wild I mean, the one at the Singapore Gardens by the Bay doesn’t count)

The Longest Flight to the End of the World

We sooo lucked out on this one!

Thanks to Qatar Airways’ Travel Festival and their golden tickets, I managed to book our flights to New Zealand for a bit under 500€/ pp!

Of course, I was so focused on actually booking the amazingly cheap tickets that I did not take into account the travel time, which surprise surprise, was 2 days each way.  Yeah..

I’ll be checking off a loooong list of books on that flight. Open to recommendations ! (comment below)

That still leaves us with 5 full days for visit, which will be thoroughly abused!

Oh, and what’s this?


Oh, it’s only the super amazing open-air cartoonish sculpture at Gibbs Farm, compliments of Neil Dawson.

Because New Zealand, people!

Have you been to any of these destinations?

Please share tips!

Do you want to go to?

Tell me what you’d like me to write about 😉

Let’s go get too much!!


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