Hidden Spain Collection: In a Medieval Mood

It’s been one year already. One year since I packed up and moved away from gloomy Brussels and into sunny Barcelona.

One year that flew by, as I purposefully neglected Spain’s gems and instead fell in love with South Africa, Indonesia, and soon New Zealand.

But as the end of the year draws near, so will my travels. And I guarantee you this much: Spain will shine in the spotlight of the year to come, in colors you’ve never seen it wear before!

I figured gorgeous Besalú with its matching, picture perfect neighboring friends will make for a wonderful start or that journey – and an easy day trip from Barcelona.

Prepare to be taken by surprise by a Spain few people know: … More Hidden Spain Collection: In a Medieval Mood

6 Things I Never Thought I’d Do on Kilimanjaro

I knew it’s going to be tough as sh!t.

I also knew it will be one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. First time ever climbing a mountain, and I had to pick Kili..

And I was aware that the trek will take us through the most beautiful and diverse scenery, like trekking through a nature documentary:

a 6000-meter snow-capped volcano on the equator, and when you finally reach the roof of Africa you might just think you can do anything.
What I didn’t expect though, was that I’d have so much fun, and feel so much pain, and never want to trade it for anything different.

And I also didn’t expect this: … More 6 Things I Never Thought I’d Do on Kilimanjaro

How To #SouthAfrica In Style: The Wine Route!

Like most people who enjoy a glass of red for good value, I knew of course that South Africa has a good rap for wines. I did not, however, expect it to be so incredibly exquisite in its offer!

I mean, I see now there’s a solid reason behind the fact that South Africa has the longest wine route in the world. 850km long, to be more precise!

While we merely scratched the surface (see blue dots area above) and the experience left us wanting more, our two wine tasting trips should give you a fairly good idea of the amazing things waiting for you down in South Africa!

.. … More How To #SouthAfrica In Style: The Wine Route!

Readathon-ing towards South Africa: Tales of the Metric System

Like I said before. The rules of choosing books for my readathon are pretty fluid – mainly it’s :

Author is from said country &/or
Action is set in said country
Other than that, the sky is the limit ;). So when I came across Imraan Coovadia’s book in a Goodreads thread I chose it because of the title, really.

Well, of course, I read the details and got an idea what it’s about, and I did see that the book was featured in the nota bene of the WorldLiteratureToday magazine. But I didn’t imagine it will be so skillfully written. … More Readathon-ing towards South Africa: Tales of the Metric System

When Organized Tours Go Well – A South African Safari

As you’ve seen in a previous post, I’m not one advocating for organized tours all that much. And so, for a long while planning our SA getaway, I was actually looking at booking accommodation myself and organize transport on the spot. Eventually, after a few questions thrown on TripAdvisor / Twitter, I decided to go the paved way in.

Of course, it didn’t help that neither I nor my travel partner in crime owns a driver’s license (laugh all you want, I’m just not all that interested. There.)

So I had an extensive back and forth with two local tour companies, narrowed it down to one, and eventually settled on a package which seemed fair. That company that made my happy travels real, was GoSAfari.

Most of you must know how rare it is that you come across a travel agent who is professional & dedicated, looking to provide as much value as possible and helping tailor make the best package without overcharging you for it. For us, that rare bird was Glen @GoSAfari. … More When Organized Tours Go Well – A South African Safari

Fact Checking South Africa & What I Didn’t Know

Fact Checking South Africa & What I Didn’t Know

On our way to see the eluding whales (we only got to see a tail, far into the sea, and through binoculars), our very friendly guide shared a wealth of information about the country – both things he was proud of, and sadder realities – something I personally very much appreciated. 

Some of the things he was saying sounded a bit stretched, though, so I decided to fact check him when I got back home.

Fact Checked

It’s how I learned, for example, that South Africa:

Has the longest Wine Route in the World. Spanning a distance of 850 km, Route 62 is said to be the longest wine route in the world, stretching from Cape Town, Constantia, to Port Elizabeth

More Fact Checking South Africa & What I Didn’t Know

Readathon-ing towards South Africa

With only one week to go until we’re up & away to South Africa, plans are in motion to build my Kindle and Paper Fortress for my in-flight readathon.

After all, we’re talking about 15 hours of flight time – and that’s just to get there!

However, and learning from past mistakes, I’m only packing 2 South African books on this readathon. (I’ve always got extra up my sleeve, anyway..)

Drum-rolls.. Here they are: … More Readathon-ing towards South Africa

Bali-laziness, Fireflies & Shooting Stars

We were off to Bali with a pretty sizable list of things to go and places to see – as always.
But then life happened.

In a good way, of course.

Because, with barely 5 days in our pockets, on an island where getting around takes quite a bit of time (despite the relatively decent infrastructure) there was just too much to do & waaay too little time..

At some point, you have to tell yourself to: just chill the heck down & enjoy the show.!

So I abruptly tore my to-do list and brought it back to basics, giving in to the most delicious piece of laziness I’ve had in quite a while.
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Basking in Goldilocks Sunshine : Algarve, Portugal

Last year I was off to Portugal again, only this time it 2 girls, having ourselves a little fiesta for my friend’s birthday.Read more…

What was supposed to be a full blown 10-day trip across Portugal was unfortunately cut short by business, which meant I passed the sticks to my friend for the last leg to Lisbon. … More Basking in Goldilocks Sunshine : Algarve, Portugal

A Stormy San Diego & A Singing Amtrak

I couldn’t help myself gawking out the window, to a slightly excited Pacific breakers, thinking about the time I saw its waves from the other side of the ocean .. when someone suddenly started singing on the loudspeaker.

“I love your redwood forests

Love your fields of yellow grain

I love your summer breezes

And I love your winter rain..”

It’s a gorgeous say outside, folks! then he continued by telling us about the temperature and time left till we reach San Diego. … More A Stormy San Diego & A Singing Amtrak