Making Road Friends & How to Be a Lobster!

Are people scary?
I don’t know.. are you?

I once spent a 9h train ride having fun, witty conversations with a guy I had just met.

We still talk, every now and then.

I also spent a lovely day tripping to the Neuschwanstein Castle, with an au pair American girl from the Midwest. (Man, those people are nice!)
We took our Japanese guide for dinner after our tour of Osaka, and one year later we were all having dinner again, in Barcelona.

A guy pushed by his friends to flirt with me in a club, turned out to be a really nice person – he was getting married and on a bachelor night out.

We shared tips’n tricks for wedding planning and cakes.

Meeting people is random, and it’s fun, and it is not scary. It’s not. … More Making Road Friends & How to Be a Lobster!

One more chill in Amsterdam

As part of my Benelux-stalgia these days (See here the Hague-stalgia and Leuven-stalgia) I decided to go to my bag of memories and pull out Amsterdam.

Not a tourist: Beach-side Hague

When I say Hague, do you think beaches, sunshine, Aperols and gin tonics? Me neither! Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when.. … More Not a tourist: Beach-side Hague