HELP! I’ve been Kidnapped by Penguins!

Ok well I haven’t, but you can still help me..
Because Oceanwide Expeditions is at it again!
Giving mortals the chance to win a trip of a lifetime on the 7th continent!
Grand Prize this year is an amazing bird watching 19-day cruise ticket to South Georgia, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Will you help me be the lucky human to go to the adventure of a lifetime?? … More HELP! I’ve been Kidnapped by Penguins!

Launching: In-flight Readathons !

As I was browsing through my Kindle the other week, in search for material to keep me busy on my upcoming flights, I realized:

I’ve been waaaay behind on reading !

This past year or so reading has not been well attended, and fiction took a particularly tough blow .. sigh!

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to reading more. … More Launching: In-flight Readathons !

Basking in Goldilocks Sunshine : Algarve, Portugal

Last year I was off to Portugal again, only this time it 2 girls, having ourselves a little fiesta for my friend’s birthday.Read more…

What was supposed to be a full blown 10-day trip across Portugal was unfortunately cut short by business, which meant I passed the sticks to my friend for the last leg to Lisbon. … More Basking in Goldilocks Sunshine : Algarve, Portugal

A Stormy San Diego & A Singing Amtrak

I couldn’t help myself gawking out the window, to a slightly excited Pacific breakers, thinking about the time I saw its waves from the other side of the ocean .. when someone suddenly started singing on the loudspeaker.

“I love your redwood forests

Love your fields of yellow grain

I love your summer breezes

And I love your winter rain..”

It’s a gorgeous say outside, folks! then he continued by telling us about the temperature and time left till we reach San Diego. … More A Stormy San Diego & A Singing Amtrak

Making Road Friends & How to Be a Lobster!

Are people scary?
I don’t know.. are you?

I once spent a 9h train ride having fun, witty conversations with a guy I had just met.

We still talk, every now and then.

I also spent a lovely day tripping to the Neuschwanstein Castle, with an au pair American girl from the Midwest. (Man, those people are nice!)
We took our Japanese guide for dinner after our tour of Osaka, and one year later we were all having dinner again, in Barcelona.

A guy pushed by his friends to flirt with me in a club, turned out to be a really nice person – he was getting married and on a bachelor night out.

We shared tips’n tricks for wedding planning and cakes.

Meeting people is random, and it’s fun, and it is not scary. It’s not. … More Making Road Friends & How to Be a Lobster!

My California dreams: The General and El Capitan

Dreams do come true. If you turn them into goals.

I had a photo of General Sherman pinned to my desk at work for over 2 years..

It stuck there watching over me in the corporate cubicle that I learned not to hate – because hey, it’s all just a means to an end and you do need money to travel.Read more…

When I moved jobs, I took the General with me..

More My California dreams: The General and El Capitan

Why you should visit Barcelona in February (hint: Carnival!)

‘If Carnival was fifteen times a year and Christmas came every month, if every day was Easter and Lent never came’.
The saying makes it quite obvious that Carnival is one of the most popular festivals of the year in Spain.
Carnival is up there with the big guys, Easter and Christmas.

In Barcelona, Carnival is the festival that gets most people out and about.

Every year during one week, the city is transformed in a hot colorful mess, with parades and kings, sardine funerals and people of all ages dressed up one more creatively than the other. … More Why you should visit Barcelona in February (hint: Carnival!)

My Love / Hate Relationship with Paris

Paris is the first trip I ever paid with my own hard-earned money.
In the 8 years since, I lost count of the number of times I’d been to Paris since. There were weekends away, weeks away, business travels, in’n outs..

In all those visits, I started developing my own kind of love/hate relationship with the city…. … More My Love / Hate Relationship with Paris

A look back to Japan

Ten years ago I left the country for the first time.

I went to Japan, of all places!

At the time, I’d never even been to your typical Romanian seaside. I mean, even Paris seemed far away and exotic and unreachable!

I remember asking my brother how flying feels like: “It’s really just like riding the bus, only it runs smoother”.

A flying bus, 10 km up in the sky. Nice.. … More A look back to Japan