Off the beaten: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was sitting on my balcony, scrolling Instagram for my weekly fix of travel daydreaming, when I saw it:
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Just… love at first sight!

And this wanderlusting was not for a far away place, because the amazing piece of nature -meets – man-made is a mere 50 minutes flight away from Barcelona.

In my mind this was a done deal, right there on that balcony. … More Off the beaten: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

Ibiza off season was completely on purpose (and partly because of the crazy cheap flights, yes) but I am glad we went against the crowds.

Because, once you cut out the clubs, the overly crowded beaches & the constantly inebriated youth (hey, I’m 30 now, I am allowed to complain about the youngsters, okay?) Ibiza has a special charm of its own.

Once you step outside the hotel, you’ll be getting an almost rural glimpse into what the island would have been, if the Guettas and the Pacha’s and Ushuaïa’s didn’t exist. … More An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

Basel *Wonder*World

Basel was a gift for my husband’s birthday, since he’s wanted to go to Baselworld for a long time.

And yes I’ll admit when it comes to travel, I am always a little bit selfish, so I would not pass on the opportunity to check Switzerland off my list.Read more…
Also, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about; heh Switzerland? And between the very short stop to Geneva & Lausanne and now Basel, I have to say I get it.

Those mountains.. … More Basel *Wonder*World

Venicing Away

What can you say about Venice, that 68,478 other people haven’t already said already? So many people that Venice is considering putting a cap on the number of people visiting, to control overcrowding?
More Venicing Away

Weekend Getaway: Porto on a budget

Portugal is an amazing country for so many reasons, as it embraces all travelers alike: foodies, nature lovers, families or couples, surfers, city trippers or party people.. you’ll all find something to love about Portugal.
And I think it’s (still) fair to say it’ll be the most budget conscious country in all of Western Europe.
I’ll be posting a series of short impressions on different locations in Portugal: Lisbon, Albufeira, Guiamares, Aveiro.. This one is about Porto. … More Weekend Getaway: Porto on a budget