Open Mic – Organized Tours: Do or Don’t?

Organised Tours?

Let me first say: there are tours and there are tours.

And then there are more tours.

This is not an attempt to bulk all tours under one same big umbrella.

That being said: I always had mixed feelings towards traveling in organized tours. They can be a great way to see the world, or they can lead to utter failure. And I’ve experienced both.

Part of my love hate relationship with tours is that the definition of what’s an organized tour can be very broad. Organized tours can be anything from a zip-line day trip in the jungle to being stuck in a multi-day coach with 60 other people.

They can be niche & off the beaten experiences, or best of.. tours, good for checking things off a bucket list – but not merely able to scratch the surface of your destination.

Which is why I’ve decided this will be my first Open Mic topic:

Organized tours: Do or Don’t?

Andrea, Ingrid, Madalina and Izabella will join the conversation to share their personal experience, address some biases and probably create some others in the process 😛
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