Going Oriental in Central Berlin: Indoors Magic!

I always mix business with pleasure. In travels, I mean. So when I was asked to go to Berlin for work (my 5th time already) I wondered: how can I sample Berlin with a twist? You know, once you go beyond the must do’s, tourist hotspots and the classic city icons.

And since I never met Berlin in a good (weather) mood anyway – this time proving to be no exception – indoors was the obvious answer.  … More Going Oriental in Central Berlin: Indoors Magic!

Spoiler Alert: This Is Not Venice!

Can you guess where you’ll find this Venice impersonator?

OK, I’ll give you a hint, since we could all read the waffle (go.fre) on that young lady’s bag: It’s Belgium.

So: any takers yet? … More Spoiler Alert: This Is Not Venice!

Hidden Spain Collection: In a Medieval Mood

It’s been one year already. One year since I packed up and moved away from gloomy Brussels and into sunny Barcelona.

One year that flew by, as I purposefully neglected Spain’s gems and instead fell in love with South Africa, Indonesia, and soon New Zealand.

But as the end of the year draws near, so will my travels. And I guarantee you this much: Spain will shine in the spotlight of the year to come, in colors you’ve never seen it wear before!

I figured gorgeous Besalú with its matching, picture perfect neighboring friends will make for a wonderful start or that journey – and an easy day trip from Barcelona.

Prepare to be taken by surprise by a Spain few people know: … More Hidden Spain Collection: In a Medieval Mood

When Bilbao gives you rain, you… Eat?

Did I mention how we decided to visit Bilbao in June, just to be hit by 12°C temperatures and drizzle ?

Well, when Bilbao gives you rain, you have the option to sulk, or to go see some kick-ass museums, eat fantastic Basque food and just  #raindontcare  … More When Bilbao gives you rain, you… Eat?

Off the beaten: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was sitting on my balcony, scrolling Instagram for my weekly fix of travel daydreaming, when I saw it:
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Just… love at first sight!

And this wanderlusting was not for a far away place, because the amazing piece of nature -meets – man-made is a mere 50 minutes flight away from Barcelona.

In my mind this was a done deal, right there on that balcony. … More Off the beaten: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

A Basque Mini-Readathon

Finding some real Basque literature before my Bilbao mini-readathon was a tough challenge!

Most books I managed to find were available in Spanish, but close to impossible to find in English.

And no wonder!
Euskera outnumbers Icelandic when it comes to speakers of the language, and it’s by far more encountered than, say, Kaixana or Taushiro (yes, I googled rarest languages on earth).

However, it is only spoken by ~700.000 people. Which is a real shame, for apparently there is some seriously exquisite and original literature made in Basque.

Read more..
More A Basque Mini-Readathon

An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

Ibiza off season was completely on purpose (and partly because of the crazy cheap flights, yes) but I am glad we went against the crowds.

Because, once you cut out the clubs, the overly crowded beaches & the constantly inebriated youth (hey, I’m 30 now, I am allowed to complain about the youngsters, okay?) Ibiza has a special charm of its own.

Once you step outside the hotel, you’ll be getting an almost rural glimpse into what the island would have been, if the Guettas and the Pacha’s and Ushuaïa’s didn’t exist. … More An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

Basel *Wonder*World

Basel was a gift for my husband’s birthday, since he’s wanted to go to Baselworld for a long time.

And yes I’ll admit when it comes to travel, I am always a little bit selfish, so I would not pass on the opportunity to check Switzerland off my list.Read more…
Also, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about; heh Switzerland? And between the very short stop to Geneva & Lausanne and now Basel, I have to say I get it.

Those mountains.. … More Basel *Wonder*World

Basking in Goldilocks Sunshine : Algarve, Portugal

Last year I was off to Portugal again, only this time it 2 girls, having ourselves a little fiesta for my friend’s birthday.Read more…

What was supposed to be a full blown 10-day trip across Portugal was unfortunately cut short by business, which meant I passed the sticks to my friend for the last leg to Lisbon. … More Basking in Goldilocks Sunshine : Algarve, Portugal

My *Hot* Travel Bucket List for 2017

Five countries.

Four continents.

All 2016 savings wiped cleaned by plane tickets.

And 0 regrets.

This year’s 🎲 have been cast, and it’s shaping up to be a great year for travels!

The first countdown: Basel.. … More My *Hot* Travel Bucket List for 2017