Bali-laziness, Fireflies & Shooting Stars

We were off to Bali with a pretty sizable list of things to go and places to see - as always. But then life happened. In a good way, of course. Because, with barely 5 days in our pockets, on an island where getting around takes quite a bit of time (despite the relatively decent infrastructure) there was just too much to do & waaay too little time.. At some point, you have to tell yourself to: just chill the heck down & enjoy the show.! So I abruptly tore my to-do list and brought it back to basics, giving in to the most delicious piece of laziness I've had in quite a while.

A Bali Readathon #3: Snowing in Bali

Here's my 3rd and last book review from the Bali readathon, which I actually finished after getting back, but I'm sure it still counts. Snowing in Bali is a very well written book and a fantastic first hand account of the drug landscape in Bali. The stories in the book are those of seemingly regular people, who were drawn into the whirlwind, glamorous, scary and dangerous life of drugs, their rise and fall and current predicament...

Wannabe Underwater Astronauts – in Bali!

I came across Seawalker in my search for snorkeling options, and got quickly convinced to change plans. Because, even with all the great progress in my recent swimming lessons (muchas gracias, Elvis!) and the eventual life vest I guess you can wear while snorkeling, it just seemed easier to do this seawalk. Plus, I've always dreamed of playing astronaut! And this was the Cousteau type of astronaut , so double win! .....

A Bali Readathon #1: Revolt in Paradise

Most unfortunately, my daring plan to cover 5 different books during my 30h flight to Bali failed miserably! This, when my Kindle app got into a squabble with my Spotify app.. Then my Samsung tablet couldn't handle the pressure anymore and just abandoned me, mid-reading! Leaving me crying - most literally - because I then had to entertain myself with movies and I made the mistake of watching ...

HELP! I’ve been Kidnapped by Penguins!

Ok well I haven't, but you can still help me.. Because Oceanwide Expeditions is at it again! Giving mortals the chance to win a trip of a lifetime on the 7th continent! Grand Prize this year is an amazing bird watching 19-day cruise ticket to South Georgia, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Will you help me be the lucky human to go to the adventure of a lifetime??

An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

Ibiza off season was completely on purpose (and partly because of the crazy cheap flights, yes) but I am glad we went against the crowds. Because, once you cut out the clubs, the overly crowded beaches & the constantly inebriated youth (hey, I'm 30 now, I am allowed to complain about the youngsters, okay?) Ibiza has a special charm of its own. Once you step outside the hotel, you'll be getting an almost rural glimpse into what the island would have been, if the Guettas and the Pacha's and Ushuaïa's didn't exist.

Launching: In-flight Readathons !

As I was browsing through my Kindle the other week, in search for material to keep me busy on my upcoming flights, I realized: I've been waaaay behind on reading ! This past year or so reading has not been well attended, and fiction took a particularly tough blow .. sigh! So I've decided to challenge myself to reading more.

Basel *Wonder*World

Basel was a gift for my husband's birthday, since he's wanted to go to Baselworld for a long time. And yes I'll admit when it comes to travel, I am always a little bit selfish, so I would not pass on the opportunity to check Switzerland off my list.Read more… Also, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about; heh Switzerland? And between the very short stop to Geneva & Lausanne and now Basel, I have to say I get it. Those mountains..