What do cemeteries, deer and takoyaki have in common?

I still remember the smell of the air the first time I set foot in Japan.

That unique scent of sea, salt, algae and hot sidewalks.. Japan will own the trademark on that smell.Read moreā€¦

I had not slept for the entire 11-hour flight from Paris, choosing to feel every single thing on the way.

The takeoff, the friendly smiles of the flight attendants, the screams of a nearby kid who was not as happy as me to be on board the plane.. … More What do cemeteries, deer and takoyaki have in common?

A look back to Japan

Ten years ago I left the country for the first time.

I went to Japan, of all places!

At the time, I’d never even been to your typical Romanian seaside. I mean, even Paris seemed far away and exotic and unreachable!

I remember asking my brother how flying feels like: “It’s really just like riding the bus, only it runs smoother”.

A flying bus, 10 km up in the sky. Nice.. … More A look back to Japan