My Seven Years in the Air: A History of Quirkiest Flights

A history of my quirkiest flights: with my best friend and travel companion, & the most awesome travel app out there!¬†Here’s looking at you, TripIt ūüėČ 7 years of travel & over half a million km spent in the air. That amounts to¬†27 days of continuously sitting in an airplane. Give or take, you know. … More My Seven Years in the Air: A History of Quirkiest Flights

VizEat : Taste your way through Traveling!

What a freaking treasure I’ve stumbled upon!

Anyone who hasn’t heard of VizEat: you’re doing yourself a big favor scrolling down for this one, because it looks like communal dining is making a comeback..

Introducing: VizEat

VizEat is a platform that connects a global network of hosts who want to cook for people in their homes with travelers mostly, who want to eat with the locals when abroad and enjoy a personal, local and immersive food experience.

In their words, VizEat is a place to discover & enjoy Social Dining, be it : Meals,¬†Cooking Classes or¬†Food Tours. … More VizEat : Taste your way through Traveling!

TripTalk – Story Making for All!

Travel. It leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.

I absolutely hate¬†this quote – and we are all to blame! It’s been so overly popularized that it became annoying, like a good song stuck abusively on repeat.¬†
However:¬†That is the promise of ¬†the TripTalk app ! … More TripTalk – Story Making for All!

Innovative trip planner Inspirock(s)!

After my successful hunt securing Qatar Airways golden tickets to New Zealand,  I found Inspirock and  now I want to share it with the world!

Most travel websites and apps out there are so focused on selling something to users that¬†they’re leaving grounds almost untouched the trip planning part.

Inspirock fills that gap perfectly. … More Innovative trip planner Inspirock(s)!