An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

Ibiza off season was completely on purpose (and partly because of the crazy cheap flights, yes) but I am glad we went against the crowds.

Because, once you cut out the clubs, the overly crowded beaches & the constantly inebriated youth (hey, I’m 30 now, I am allowed to complain about the youngsters, okay?) Ibiza has a special charm of its own.

Once you step outside the hotel, you’ll be getting an almost rural glimpse into what the island would have been, if the Guettas and the Pacha’s and Ushuaïa’s didn’t exist. … More An Off-Season Quickie to Ibiza

My *Hot* Travel Bucket List for 2017

Five countries.

Four continents.

All 2016 savings wiped cleaned by plane tickets.

And 0 regrets.

This year’s 🎲 have been cast, and it’s shaping up to be a great year for travels!

The first countdown: Basel.. … More My *Hot* Travel Bucket List for 2017