Launching: In-flight Readathons !

As I was browsing through my Kindle the other week, in search for material to keep me busy on my upcoming flights, I realized:

I’ve been waaaay behind on reading !

This past year or so reading has not been well attended, and fiction took a particularly tough blow .. sigh!

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to reading more.

challenge accepted.gif
And challenge I did!

Starting with Bali, I’ll be taking full advantage of my flight time & will be gradually immersing myself in the destination – through reading!

Here’s to my next 1.578 pages of Kindle delight!

They come nicely packed into 5 different styles of books, so there’s something in it for everyone.

On the Menu for Bali

I’ve chosen the books more or less randomly, the only main prerequisite being that the action be set in Bali.

But as it happens, there’s actually a bit of everything in my 5 book mini-list:

We’ve got underworld thrillers, funny chick flicks, history & biographies, theory of evolution stuff , and a nice closing with art and music.

And  here they are:

1. Revolt In Paradise, by K’tut Tantri

One Woman’s Fight for Freedom in Indonesia
2. The Malay Archipelagoby Alfred Russell Wallace

 The adventure travels of a Victorian naturalist in Southeast Asia

3. Snowing in Baliby Kathryn Bonella

The Incredible Inside Account of Bali’s Hidden Drug World

4, A House In Bali by Colin McPhee 

The story of a writer and composer’s obsession with a music once unknown to the West, and his journey to Bali to experience it firsthand.

5. Balilicious,  by Becky Wicks

Real life in Bali, in a blur of locals, tourists, expats and other other eating, praying lovers who arrive…you know…not really knowing who they are.

Oh, this is going to be fuuuuun..!  😉

I did have this crazy thought that maybe I was overdoing it a little, then realized: getting to Bali and back, we’re looking at roughly 30 hours of air time !

I should be able to check them all off  >  and live to talk about it!

Any Bali books you would want me to add? I guess I could fit a couple more.. (Yes, please!)

Oh, and let me know if you want to do the Bali Readathon with me, I may be able to lend them 😉


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