HELP! I’ve been Kidnapped by Penguins!

Actually, I haven’t.. but I do need your help!

Because Oceanwide Expeditions is at it again!  Giving mortals the chance to win a trip of a lifetime on the 7th continent!

Grand Prize this year is an amazing bird watching 19-day cruise ticket to South Georgia, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Will you help me be the lucky human to go to the adventure of a lifetime?

Vote for me >>> here <<<

What Aboat Me? 

I have been obsessed with Antarctica for half my lifetime, ever since I read Ioan Popper’s (no, not that PopperTaina albă, a book about the incredible conquest of the South Pole, in an expedition led by Roald Admunsen.

A Pen-grin!

What do you call a happy penguin? A Pen-Grin!

My grandfather gave me the book, but little did he know I’d make it my absolute goal to step foot on the white continent!

He’d be immensely proud to see me make my dream come true & get my post card from Antarctica..

Laying it thick with the emotional blackmailing, you say? If it works, sure!  

(But really, this would make him happy, you know. You’ll find me here. )

Since most people really don’t get my obsession with Antarctica, I’ll give you 10 reasons:

The Oscar goes to.. Antarctica!  


So what’s the deal with Antarctica, I hear you say?

Antarctica tops the charts, by being the:

  1. Windiest continent (up to 320 km or 198 mph winds. Brrr..!)
  2. Driest continent (Antarctica’s Dry Valleys)
  3. Coldest continent (-94.7C  or -135.8F ! That’s another league of cold.)
  4. Less populated (~4000 people in ‘summer’)
  5. Biggest desert (yes, desert. And a friggin’ cold one too)
  6. Yet holding roughly 70% of the world’s fresh water
  7. Home of the saltiest lake (betcha didn’t know about this one, huh?  Don Juan Pond wins the contest with a whopping 40% salinity.)
  8. Continent with no time zone. I’m serious, look it up.
  9. Aaand… Home to the largest no. of penguins in the world!

I know I’ve listed it #9, but first of all… Penguins!


Who is a Penguin’s least favorite pop star? Seal!  

But they sure love Queen!

Please vote to put a stop to this clumsy humor!

Reason No. 10

There were ten reasons though, and the 10th is a personal one.

People are gregarious animals, but every now and then…you just need to be alone, ya know?

I mean, I’ve got an ENFP personality every day, however: in a life which we often live on fast-forward, notions like solitude, seclusion and quiet are very rare and precious things.

Antarctica gives you a unique glimpse into that appeasing, almost-forgotten feeling of solitude, which you only really experience a few times in life.

I still remember the solitary sunrises at my grandparents’ village, or rubbernecking at the unobstructed view of the Milky Way on my recent Kilimanjaro climb.

These silent memories tend to really stick around with you..

Oceanwide Expeditions gets you on on a 116 people boat in the middle of frigid ocean waters.

You and a handful of people, watching and waiting to catch a glimpse of the many birds braving the odds in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Just smiles and waves, boys!

Ultimate destination to play Explorer! 

Antarctica is also the ultimate destination to play explorer! I mean, in 2015-2016 only 30.369 people actually stepped foot on the 7th continent!

Oceanwide Expeditions’ ship Plancius flies under Dutch flag, but for me she’s as close you can get to the Belgica of modern days. Small and sturdy ship, making it perfect for exploring remote regions.

Early days explorers didn’t have the opportunity to find (& fall in love with) their vessels online, but we do!

Some shiptease:

Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

And this beauty used to be a research vessel in a previous life.. what more can you ask for?

Antarctica. Completely & Utterly Inspiring

I applaud Oceanwide Expeditions for their contest, which – apart from being a serious piece of advertising! – contributes to further developing public environmental awareness and ultimately helps protect Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem.

Let’s help Antarctica leave the top of Last chance tourism destinations:

Antarctica – It’s aboat time to give a flock (wink)

OK, my last one and I promise; no more pier pressure and enough with my tearable puns.

Who’s the penguin’s favorite aunt? Aunt-arctica, of course!

But seriously now, will you help me make my own Jules Verne?

Because, besides all the awesome UpsideDown pictures of penguins I will be taking for you, should I be the lucky winner to board the Plancius – I’ll also send you a postcard from Antarctica!

(Send me your name/address at )

Happy wandering!


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