Crossing Tongariro for Dummies: An Agony Free Hiking Guide

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor 

I’ve never been a Lord of the Rings fan (gasp! yes, I’ve said it), but I do know this: the filming locations in themselves could have been enough to make me watch it.

Acclaimed by many as the Best 1-Day Hike in the World, and even more popular after the Lord of the Rings movies, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a truly heavenly walk through New Zealand’s nature. … More Crossing Tongariro for Dummies: An Agony Free Hiking Guide

10 Kiwi Gems You Need to Know About

Nature lovers, beware! You’re about to get your mind blown!

One month before my quickie to New Zealand, I put together some highlights I included in my 5-day itinerary, plus some others which didn’t make the final cut – because well… five days only, people!

You probably know about New Zealand’s stunning beaches, the Hobbiton or the Waitomo glowworm caves. But did you know about these hidden gems?

Come on, let’s quiz! How many will you check? … More 10 Kiwi Gems You Need to Know About

Introducing: Open Mic Series

I like to talk. I do. A lot.

Some would say too much, even.

You know that annoying person sitting behind you at the cinema, who constantly comments the scenes, while you’re trying to watch the damn movie?

That’s me. (Hey, it’s not my fault they make bad movies!)

In an effort to not annoy you wanderlusting readers too much… … More Introducing: Open Mic Series

VizEat : Taste your way through Traveling!

What a freaking treasure I’ve stumbled upon!

Anyone who hasn’t heard of VizEat: you’re doing yourself a big favor scrolling down for this one, because it looks like communal dining is making a comeback..

Introducing: VizEat

VizEat is a platform that connects a global network of hosts who want to cook for people in their homes with travelers mostly, who want to eat with the locals when abroad and enjoy a personal, local and immersive food experience.

In their words, VizEat is a place to discover & enjoy Social Dining, be it : Meals, Cooking Classes or Food Tours. … More VizEat : Taste your way through Traveling!

HELP! I’ve been Kidnapped by Penguins!

Ok well I haven’t, but you can still help me..
Because Oceanwide Expeditions is at it again!
Giving mortals the chance to win a trip of a lifetime on the 7th continent!
Grand Prize this year is an amazing bird watching 19-day cruise ticket to South Georgia, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Will you help me be the lucky human to go to the adventure of a lifetime?? … More HELP! I’ve been Kidnapped by Penguins!

Launching: In-flight Readathons !

As I was browsing through my Kindle the other week, in search for material to keep me busy on my upcoming flights, I realized:

I’ve been waaaay behind on reading !

This past year or so reading has not been well attended, and fiction took a particularly tough blow .. sigh!

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to reading more. … More Launching: In-flight Readathons !

Making Road Friends & How to Be a Lobster!

Are people scary?
I don’t know.. are you?

I once spent a 9h train ride having fun, witty conversations with a guy I had just met.

We still talk, every now and then.

I also spent a lovely day tripping to the Neuschwanstein Castle, with an au pair American girl from the Midwest. (Man, those people are nice!)
We took our Japanese guide for dinner after our tour of Osaka, and one year later we were all having dinner again, in Barcelona.

A guy pushed by his friends to flirt with me in a club, turned out to be a really nice person – he was getting married and on a bachelor night out.

We shared tips’n tricks for wedding planning and cakes.

Meeting people is random, and it’s fun, and it is not scary. It’s not. … More Making Road Friends & How to Be a Lobster!

Innovative trip planner Inspirock(s)!

After my successful hunt securing Qatar Airways golden tickets to New Zealand,  I found Inspirock and  now I want to share it with the world!

Most travel websites and apps out there are so focused on selling something to users that they’re leaving grounds almost untouched the trip planning part.

Inspirock fills that gap perfectly. … More Innovative trip planner Inspirock(s)!

How the Qatar Airways Treasure Hunt is actually doable

Last Friday, I was patiently waiting while the Qatar Airways website kept crashing and crashing from the weight of all those wanderlusting animals (myself included) hunting for the chance of finding the golden ticket.

The Qatar Airways treasure hunt will unveil mystery destinations at close to zero costs, during the Qatar Airways Travel Festival. What you have to do is find the golden ticket within the booking results on , on the day the treasure hunt starts in your country.

What is a golden ticket?
Read more… … More How the Qatar Airways Treasure Hunt is actually doable