A Bali Readathon #1: Revolt in Paradise

Most unfortunately, my daring plan to cover 5 different books during my 30h flight to Bali failed miserably!
This, when my Kindle app got into a squabble with my Spotify app.. Then my Samsung tablet couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and just abandoned me, mid-reading!
Leaving me crying – most literally – because I then had to entertain myself with movies and I made the mistake of watching …
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Launching: In-flight Readathons !

As I was browsing through my Kindle the other week, in search for material to keep me busy on my upcoming flights, I realized:

I’ve been waaaay behind on reading !

This past year or so reading has not been well attended, and fiction took a particularly tough blow .. sigh!

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to reading more. … More Launching: In-flight Readathons !