A Bali Readathon #2: Balilicious

Not a chick flick

We’re really switching gears from Revolt in Paradise, with this one!

Balilicious is unfairly listed  as a chick flick, and now that I’ve read it I would seriously disagree with that label.

Yes, the tone of the author can be mistaken for chick-flick-ish.

But between the many silly and hilarious (!) adventures of Becky through Bali and its surrounding sister islands, there are also chapters full of wit and teeming with tons of information about this popular destination.

Cultural, historical, artistic or environmental information, which most tourists unfortunately either ignore or can’t be bothered with, when planning a trip to paradise.

It’s all the things which will make or break the future of Bali as a touristic hotspot.

I felt that, beyond its light and hilarious facade, the book really encourages responsible travels and sends a serious punch in the gut to all the tourists going to Bali to rediscover, or reinvent themselves. 

Yes, travel is all about you. But No, your travel destination should not be about you.

Laid-back + Journalistic

This is a book for those who set out to visit Bali, but it’s also a great walk down the memory lane for those who’ve been there before, and want a fun reminiscing session.

It reads like a blog more than a book, so a pickier reader may even be tempted to drop it after the first few pages – because well, you’re expecting a different tone and style.

I, for one, am glad I didn’t. Because as you read further, you’ll find great chapters on Bali’s culture, history or social intricacies, in an almost journalistic style which differs a lot from the laid back, try-it-all Becky.

A Try-it-all Bali Adventure

In her personal quest for enlightened and self-knowledge Becky tries it all, and lives to talk about it.

Between  shaking yoga sessions in the mountains (shaking yoga, really?!)

or a session of vaginal steaming and colonic irrigation (as everyone has on their checklist when they’re on holiday, I am sure!)

or a hunt for evil spirits in the moonlit fields of Bali

she leaves the decision all up to you.

I was surprised by the practical information that your typical travel guide won’t be offering, such as the problem of getting affordable tampons in Bali.

Becky also touches a bit on the West meats East culture clash, on how tourism and Balinese spirituality cope together, and makes sure to give you a glimpse into the not so popular tourist locations, so as not to completely typify Bali.

This is a book of entertainment and fiction though, so careful to read it for its entertainment value rather than it’s travel guide qualities.

I highly recommend Balilicious to anyone who considers visiting Bali.

Beyond keeping you entertained mid-flight, and beyond the what to’s /the what not’s: the book will definitely help re-frame your perception about visiting Bali.

I set out reading Balilicious thinking:

Why not, a chick flick to kill time by the pool (or in my case, in-flight).

Now I know better; this is a book about more than yoga, ashrams, yoni eggs, hot surfer boys and raw eating.

Just.. see for yourself. I promise, you’ll have a blast with Becky!

Happy reading!

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