Casa Batllo Magic Nights, or How to Barcelona Differently

Casa Batllo Magic Nights concert on the rooftop with Carmen porcar

Casa Batllo Magic Nights – An evening concert on Gaudi’s Dragon rooftop

Casa Batllo Magic Nights.  Paseo de Gracia 43. The address of tonight’s rather exclusive gig.

The organizers had been really nice to accommodate a last minute change of date to our tickets, so that I could have my cake and eat it too. And the cake was a literal one – my grandpa’s 80th birthday.

My spur of the moment visit to the Romanian countryside for grandpa’s birthday meant I could no longer attend the Magic Nights… So I tried my luck and asked them if I could possibly change dates – not expecting much out of it.

To my surprise and delight, they said yes! Thank you @CasaBatlloGaudi

So here we are, August 13. Carmen Porcar and band are playing tonight, and the line at the entrance is mostly made up of locals.

But first things first: What is Casa Batllo Magic Nights?

What is Casa Batllo Magic Nights?

Casa Batllo Magic Nights concert on the rooftop

Summer comes with plenty of musical opportunities in Spain, as you may still remember from my recent experience in the lavender fields of Brihuega.

And Barcelona excels – through sheer volume and variety!

From the overabundance of concerts and gigs spread throughout Barcelona this summer, my vote went to Casa Batllo’s unique Magic Nights. 

Already at its 8th edition, Magic Nights is a sought after event, specially created for the summer season.

Casa Batllo Magic Nights is the perfect excuse to visit, in the comfort of a small gathering, an otherwise increasingly crowded tourist spot. And – cherry on top – what better way to completing the experience than with a live concert on the rooftop?

The tour includes an augmented reality video guide that explains the concepts behind Gaudi’s work of art.  

While this is not Dan Brown’s Winston, and you’re not in the Guggenheim, the experience is similarly uncanny.

Casa Batllo Magic Nights, Augmented reality visit

The Official Casa Batllo Event Website Here.

Live Concert on Dragon’s Rooftop

You’ll have one hour of leisurely strolling through Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece before heading upstairs for a beautiful view of the sunset, whilst sipping on Freixenet cava. 

Schedule: Visit starts at 8 PM, and the concert at 9PM, lasting for one full hour. 

Cost: The ticket costs 39 € (a regular entrance costs 28,5€) and is free for children under 7 years old.

Two drinks are included in your ticket – a pretty damn good deal, for that matter, since you can imagine that Barcelona rooftops don’t usually come cheap.

Artists: Carmen Porcar and band were performing, the music bringing heaps of technicolor to an already colorful evening. Every evening sees different bands, catering to all musical styles.

After the usual Instagram duty that almost everyone below forty was assuming, the smartphones finally came back in check and people started actually enjoying the moment.

What can you do, the world we live in. We quietly decided that if we were ever organizing events, smartphones would be banned from entering the venue!

Casa Batllo Magic Nights, Augmented reality visit and rooftop concert
Getting ready for the concert.. Casa Batllo Magic Nights

What to Expect 

Casa Batllo Magic Nights rooftop concert

So what can you expect from Casa Batllo Magic Nights?

  • Casa Batlló visit with the most advanced augmented reality video guide
  • Traveller’s choice: TripAdvisor’s best choice for five years in a row.
  • An artsy rooftop. Casa Batlló is a UNESCO site
  • A great variety of music: from jazz to soul, pop to R&B – and more.
  • Two drinks included in the price of the ticket

The event runs every evening until November 4th, with different artists providing a wealth of options for everyone’s musical tastes.

Magic Nights is THE Ultimate Rooftop Experience in Barcelona. 

Excluding Sagrada Familia, this is my personal Gaudi favorite, and an architectural feat much more impressive than its’ popular neighbor, Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Although, if you want to visit both houses, La Pedrera also hosts summer events in the form of Jazz evenings at La Pedrera Roof Terrace – That’s how great Spain is 

Tips For your Visit

Don’t rush. You can leisurely do the visit in 30 minutes, but you’ll have a full hour.

Lose the crowds. While the event is rather small compared to the usual lines of visitors, you’ still have a bunch of people going in at the same time. 

Word of advice: Reverse engineer your visit; let the crowds plow through, wait it out on the back terrace located on the first floor. (Do taste that Pierre Marcolini Belgian ice cream, if the stand is still there!)

So, while you nibble away at your ice cream, and the flow of visitors comes down to a trickle – give it some 20 minutes – head back downstairs and enjoy your visit in almost complete solitude. Like this:

Casa Batllo Magic Nights visit  main window stained glass

Casa Batllo Magic Nights visit, main room ceiling shape

Try the Casa Batllo Magic Nights – it’s a great way to sample music, architecture, rooftops – and that typical  Spanish joie de vivre I’ve come to love.

Travel. Differently.

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