Wannabe Underwater Astronauts – in Bali!

I came across Seawalker in my search for snorkeling options, actually, and got quickly convinced into changing plans.

Because, even with all the great progress in my recent swimming lessons (muchas gracias, Elvis!) and the promise of a life vest you can wear while snorkeling, it just seemed more immersive to do this seawalk.

Plus, I’ve always dreamed of playing astronaut!

And this was the Cousteau-style astronaut , so double win!

I booked with Seawalker online, which turned out to be 10$ cheaper – as they were listed 60$ online, but 70$ in the local brochures. 

A Crash Course

They pick you up from the hotel, and after around after a one and a half hour drive, they drop you off at the seaside in Sanur, where you’re given the keys to a locker, towels, water shoes and a bottle of water.

Once changed into your swimming suit, you’ll be given a crash course into the seawalk.

This, I have to say, was pretty unimpressive – and Seawalker definitely need to work on their pre-experience services.

The video was supposed to give you the basics of do’s & dont’s while underwater, but I found it more commercial and less instructional, a breeze-through the practical information. 

Advice for Seawalker management:  it makes for a much more more pleasant experience if you engage with people after the video – to confirm that everyone got all the instructions.

This can easily be done while in the speedboat on the way to the dive place. It also reassures non-swimmers and makes them more confident.

After all, the experience is marketed as accessible to all – regardless of age / swimming skills.

Now for the fun part!

Once at the dive spot, we were crowned with the 9 kg (20 lbs) helmet. Not sure what the name of the thing really is, so I’ll stick to helmet.

Following the video’s instructions, we went down the stair and into the water slowly, adjusting the pressure in the ears as we went down.

The helmet is not fixed firmly so it’ll sway with the water.

They tell you it’s normal, and not a big deal, and just try to hold straight… so I tried not to panic – too much.

Eventually decided I’ll just hold on to one side of it. You know, just to be sure (ahem).

Whatever floats your boat, you know?

Above my head hung the umbilical cord holding me alive and breathing, insouciantly doing its serpent sea dance.

Please don’t break, please don’t break!

And then: here I was, 8 meters below!

It was one small step for humankind, but a humongous step for me!

Fishes !!

My 30 year young self, who had barely made peace with being in water a few months ago!

I mean, I was walking on the ocean floor!

The diver guides signaled that we grab onto the metal rings they were holding.

Side note: it’s really hard to stay upright in water!

As we were walking I couldn’t help but think:

Man, here I was playing astronaut, when in fact I was being walked like a pet on a leash !

So trotting along, they take you to a small artificial coral where you gold onto the metal rails, and feed the fish out of a plastic bottle filled with dry fish food.

Happy Bellies, Happy Fish

Needles to say, in less than a second from squirting that bottle, we were surrounded by fish from all directions.

The guys at Seawalker take pictures of yo, they make a video etc. etc. So you can buy the memento for 15$ apiece, if you want to.

Not Snorkeling

Now: this is not snorkeling. So please don’t tell me how snorkeling is way cooler.

I believe you, OK?

But since I can’t really compare – the only time I tried snorkeling was in the frigid Iceland waters – for me, the seawalk kicked ass!

I will be back in Indonesia for sure – and next on my list: snorkeling and diving!

Do you have a favorite snorkel/diving spot in Bali or the neighboring islands?

Send me your tips below 😉

Happy wandering!


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  1. Snorkeling in Nusa Penida it’s a must!
    We did our Padi Open Water in Gili Air. Gili islands have a lot of great diving spots. I only dived there, so I can’t say about the other islands. Around Gilis you can see turtles. There’s even a diving point called Turtle Heaven.
    Aaaa, and in Nusa Penida there is a diving spot where you can see manta fishes. A friend did it and he guarantees awesomeness.

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