TripTalk – Story Making for All!


Travel. It leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.

I absolutely hate this quote! And we are all to blame! It’s been so overly used it became this very annoying, bull$h!tty thing to say. Like a good song stuck abusively on repeat. 

 However: That is the promise of  the TripTalk app !

The new travel blogging app is here! Well, to be fair, TripTalk have been around since 2015, but the app has seen a surge in users relatively recently.

What is TripTalk

Essentially, TripTalk is a travel blogging app that collects all the best and juiciest moments of your trip, helping you create, save and share your adventures in a catchy, fun and creative way.


‘TripTalk – your Virtual Memento Box’

How it Works

The way it works is : you upload your photos, audio, text, videos, etc.. all the digital data you generate during your trip – all into a single app, and can create your own, all-in-one, travel story.

Like that crazy birthday boat party in Ibiza.. Oh Wait $h!t, no not that one! 

There are several ways to use TripTalk, mainly:

  • create virtual scrapbooks of your trip
  • collaborate with friends in doing so
  • preserve your digital memories all in one (that memento box, remember?)
  • share – with friends and family – on other social media mediums

It works both as a storyboard and as a diary (for those of you too shy to share) but mainly you can use it to build your virtual memento trip and have your friends chip in –  you do this by posting moments into your own shared folder.

And since sharing is caring (well, sharing is bragging, but who’s keeping scores, right?! ) you can share your entire trip or parts of it with a selection of people or on social networks.


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Why Care?

Because! Beyond the powerful features, TripTalk – Story Maker is still refreshingly easy to use, with a fresh, a polished look & feel and  no clutter.

And no, its features might not be 100% original.

But that’s a classic case of ‘does size really matter’. Sure, most of us have Facebook and Instagram and tons of other apps. The unique selling proposition of TripTalk isn’t sharing pics and videos.

Instead, the app bases their success around the promise of a curated, personalized social space / memento box, which can also be extended to other social media channels.

And, I would add, it’s the way it tickles your social ego which makes this a super catchy, sticky app.

Wanderlusters who could use this

Because users can work together on their trip, I personally think TripTalk is a particularly great app for family trips, honeymoons or bachelor party virtual scrapbooks.

Whether we like to admit it or not: that’s how the world works right now.


So, go ahead and engage your kids in that family vacation.

Or your girlfriends in the weekend getaway to Barcelona  –  since they’ll be spending their time on their phones anyway!

Some Cons

At first glance, the free 250 MB quota is set pretty low. You can buy extra space, sure, but since most apps don’t rely on a space upgrade model, it may eventually hit the brakes for the app and eat away at its user base.

After all, if you don’t buy more space, or get your friends to use the app (which will give you extra space), the overall value of using TripTalk goes down.
Sometimes, the app’s response time is awkward. May be just me though..

I’m eager to see how TripTalk  will look like a year from now.  What’s your take: it it one of those summer loves, or is TripTalk  really here to stay?

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Have you used TripTalk? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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