Forest Bathing & Waterfalls at Sant Miquel del Fai

Sant Miquel del Fai hiking
Sant Miquel del Fai, 50 km outside Barcelona

When Summer Gets Hot

It took me quite a while to post this, but I figured: summer is almost here, and the weather in Barcelona is all nice and balmy – so maybe we’ll even go at it again soon!What is IT?

The stupendous waterfall at Sant Miquel del Fai , which had been on my to-do list for some time last year. Only that between the turquoise waters of Beceite, the lavender fields of Brihuega and forest bathing in the lush vegetation of a forgotten island, time wasn’t exactly on my side. Eventually, we did it. And we had this view waiting for us !

Did you know that Catalonia is the first entire region to obtain the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification, a scheme backed by Unesco and the GTSC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) ?

Sant Miquel del Fai wonderful waterfall

Let me tell you what you can expect:

Spain’s Only Troglodyte Monastery

Sant Miquel del Fai closeup

Sant Miquel del Fai monastery dates back from the 11th century and has a high cultural value. The monastery is built in a cave, with the rock doubling as roof And, perched dangerously on the rock, it can give some people an instant stomach pit.

The authorities are still working to renovate and re-open the doors allowing free access; while the area is still undergoing renovations and is momentarily closed to the public, the national park is very much open and free for all. Worth a visit any day.

A Triple Waterfall

sant miquel del fai waterfall panorama

Nature and history have blended, giving birth to this unique location, only 50 km away from busy Barcelona.

Visits in summer have the advantage of mostly good weather day in day out, and thick green forests to shade you from the sun. Plus, who wouldn’t want to dip their toes in the crystal waters of the Rossinyol and Tenes rivers which meet here, creating this fairy-tale landscape.

While the waterfall doesn’t seem that big in the picture, you’re actually looking at a three-step waterfall which amounts to 100 meter in height!

Sant Miquel del Fai waterfall

A Monastery with a View

Sant Miquel del Fai monastery combines Romanesque and Gothic elements in a supperb natural setting: caves, cliffs, streams, lakes, and of course, the impressive waterfalls. You get fantastic views, from both above and below!

Hiking routes are plenty! you’ll only need to factor in your endurance and the time you want to spend at Sant Miquel del Fai. For the rest, nature will do its trick, like it always does. If you want some inspiration , check out Wikiloc – I often go to it for hiking recommendations.

Sant Miquel del Fai
Sant Miquel del Fai panorama
trees cut through stone at Sant Miquel del Fai

Getting to Sant Miquel del Fai

It’s quite easy to get to Sant Miquel del Fai, whether you decide to rent a car (parking available, plus wonderful scenery on the way) get on a bus ( Sagales has a direct bus, it takes around 1h20min) or take the train+bus combo, as suggested by MoovIt

Since Google maps is not the best at finding off the beaten routes, I mostly rely on Rome2Rio or MoovIt. – Check out their websites when planning.

Happy hiking!

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