My Fifty Weeks of Spain & What to Expect This Summer

formentera beach, clear waters

Remember Fifty Weeks of Spain? 

Remember how you found out all about sleeping in a 9 Century Castle

where to see Europe’s Best Million Cherry Tree Hanami

Spanish Fiestas you didn’t know existed

and more?

As I delve deeper and deeper into Secret Spain, summer comes with an even more promising collection of hidden gems you should try! 

And while I won’t spoil all the surprises I have been planning, here’s a small spoiler treat to keep you interested: My Best Spain Summer Travel Tips Below:

1. Festival de la Lavanda

Spain Summer Travel Tips: A Spanish Festival with a French Touch

Spain Summer Travel Tips: brihuega lavanda lavender music festival spain
Credits: Madridiario

Spain is famous for its musical passion, and we’ve all heard of flamenco. This first travel tip is taking us to the next level, to enjoy Spain’s most authentic music vibes – in the middle of nature.

Festival de la Lavanda (Lavender Festival) is a rather private music festival taking place every year mid-July, in the lavender fields of Brihuega, some 80 kilometers from Madrid.

Already at its seventh edition, this two-day music event has Spanish local artists perform their passionate tunes, while guests admire a Spanish sunset in the middle of lavender fields, sipping on cava. To add to the Boheme decadence, the first evening will have a famous Spanish chef prepare some of his most scrumptious food.

A full sensory experience, in the midst of lavender fields!

Flights booked and tickets bought, I will be happily reporting back on the amazing sounding experience, in little over one month!

2. Barcelona Summer Nights

Spain Summer Travel Tips:  A Rooftop Concert at Casa Battlo

Spain Summer Travel Tips: magic nights at Cassa Battlo

Summer comes bearing good weather, good mood, and good music. 

If you’re planning your vacation in Spain this Summer, Barcelona will be a prime spot for all three magic ingredients. Meet: Magic Nights at Casa Battlo.

A rather private night visit to Gaudi’s famous Casa Batllo, complete with a rooftop concert on the building’s dragon terrace. 

Looking to visit after summer’s gone? Don’t worry, you can enjoy this unique event well until the end of October. 

I’ll be up there in August, glass of cava in hand (however else!) and be enjoying Carmen Porcar’s live performance. Stick around to find out how it goes!

3. La Gomera

Spain Summer Travel Tips: The Island That Time Forgot

Spain Summer Travel Tips la gomera laurel forest

August sees us flying to the Canary Islands, for some prime off the beaten experiences you should know about!

While in Tenerife, I’ll be doing more than exploring the popular island’s beaches – my plan goes beyond, and lands one-hour ferry ride away to the south of Tenerife, where the archipelago’s second smallest island lays:

La Gomera, the island that time forgot.

It seems that Europe’s last living tropical forest still thrives in the Garajonay National Park at the heart of La Gomera island. This is the green jewel of the Canary Islands.

Many of the flora and fauna may well have remained unchanged for millions of years, and the lush greenery offers a stark contrast to the drier areas outside the national park.

But That’s Not All, Folks…

Also, keep an eye out for more Spain Summer Travel Tips:

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