You have *NOT* Seen Spain. Let me Explain…


Follow my FiftyWeeksofSpain adventures in 2018 and strap on for a dive into a Spain unknown to tourists.

So you’ve been to Spain. Congratulations!  You and 75 million other people in 2016.

But I’m willing to bet you, you’ve not seen Spain. Let’s put it to a test. The question is, have you seen a Spain with :

  1. Beaches,
  2. Sangria & paella
  3. Sagrada Familia
  4. Ibiza clubbing
  5. flamenco shows
  6. and maybe the Alhambra (points for you!)


  1. Medieval castles
  2. balloon flights over volcanoes
  3. pink flamingos
  4. Viking landings
  5. Smurf villages
  6. and Geological Trains

Those of you who’ve not heard of any of the 2nd examples: be honest with yourselves –  you’ve not actually seen Spain. 

A bold statement, certainly. But I stand by it.

Especially since I was you at some point, so I know: you have to choose your battles, and everyone ever talks about anyway are the beaches, and the clubs, and the beautiful Sagrada Familia.

How the heck should you even know about flamingoes & castles anyway?!

Fret not. I’m here to help fix it.

I give you: The Year of Travel Near #theyearoftravelnear

Fifty Weeks of Spain

Stick around for an eye-opening adventure through Spain

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So are you coming or are you coming? Let the year of travel near begin!

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