Sampling Antarctica With a Bunch of Jackasses

Waking up to a spring that left me waiting.

With a magnificent view over Table mountain that also kept me waiting in vain, as the clouds didn’t budge for 3 full days.

It almost felt like Antarctica when I got out to Boulders Beach and was instantly hit by the icy drizzle.
The umbrella wasn’t much of a friend either. I eventually abandoned it in the arms of my partner, soon after a lone penguin caught my eye.

South Africa. Since hitching a ride to Antarctica is an expensive endeavor that I’m working towards – and at a relatively slow crawl, I might add – I settled for the nonetheless amazing encounter with the Jackass Penguins of South Africa.

In The Wild – Where They Belong … More Sampling Antarctica With a Bunch of Jackasses

A Basque Mini-Readathon

Finding some real Basque literature before my Bilbao mini-readathon was a tough challenge!

Most books I managed to find were available in Spanish, but close to impossible to find in English.

And no wonder!
Euskera outnumbers Icelandic when it comes to speakers of the language, and it’s by far more encountered than, say, Kaixana or Taushiro (yes, I googled rarest languages on earth).

However, it is only spoken by ~700.000 people. Which is a real shame, for apparently there is some seriously exquisite and original literature made in Basque.

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A Bali Readathon #3: Snowing in Bali

Here’s my 3rd and last book review from the Bali readathon, which I actually finished after getting back, but I’m sure it still counts.

Snowing in Bali is a very well written book and a fantastic first hand account of the drug landscape in Bali.

The stories in the book are those of seemingly regular people, who were drawn into the whirlwind, glamorous, scary and dangerous life of drugs, their rise and fall and current predicament… … More A Bali Readathon #3: Snowing in Bali

My California dreams: The General and El Capitan

Dreams do come true. If you turn them into goals.

I had a photo of General Sherman pinned to my desk at work for over 2 years..

It stuck there watching over me in the corporate cubicle that I learned not to hate – because hey, it’s all just a means to an end and you do need money to travel.Read more…

When I moved jobs, I took the General with me..

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A Weekend Getaway – Turned Marathon: How to 24h at Giza Pyramids

The Pyramids. Such a high goal it seemed, in my early twenties..
On our first date, we went to that shady, smelly bar and talked about our plans to see the world, while sipping on warm beer. Well, I think it’s safe to say we’ve checked a lot (!) of those boxes together.
One particular location was missing though: Egypt. Well, to be fair, I actually mean to say a very specific and well known place in Egypt: The Giza Pyramids. … More A Weekend Getaway – Turned Marathon: How to 24h at Giza Pyramids