Fifty Weeks of Spain : A Year of Travel Near

Fifty weeks of Spain

Staycation: a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Don’t be scared, I’ve not gone crazy! (just yet)

And NO, this won’t mean less travel – If any, it will give me the chance to travel more! And all of you with me. Really.

Here’s why I decided to make 2018 The Year of Travel Near.

The Year of Travel Near

I read this great article of Mark Manson recently and it made a complete home run. Because let’s face it, he’s awesome & everything he writes is coated in eye-opening magic fairy dust ( and I just channeled my inner Manson for you now.)

Here I was, planning for – and in all honesty, forcing myself into – my new travel style for 2018, while he was all MarkManson-talking about FOMO in traveling and how it screws with your travel junkie brain. He goes:

FOMO. For me, for a number of years, it was Travel. Show me a pretty picture and my knee-jerk reaction was that I needed to sell my last pair of shoes to go there. And not just go there, but go like, now. What the fuck was I waiting for? I should be there already. Oh shit, I’m too late!

And I’m sure we all relate with that angsty feeling to some extent – be it in our travels or in other aspects of our lives. So I decided no more FOMO. Here it is:

The Year of Travel Near

fifty weeks of spain staycation.jpg

You might as well mistake this for a postcard from Chile, Japan, New Zealand or Singapore. It’s not – This Is Spain.

I aptly named my endeavor Fifty Weeks of Spain.

Because if I was going to do this, the hell if I’m not going to take advantage of all those weekends and extra days off.

I’m on a quest to travel across 6 continents, without setting foot outside Spain!

50 Weeks of Spain is a year-long travel project I’ll be kicking off in 2018, attempting to discover all the exquisite nooks & crannies of underrated Spain.

The concept, The Year of Travel Near, is simple yet appealing: allow European travelers to discover the world – in one single country. A journey through Spain, filled with insider tips, hidden gems, and surprises.
You will truly get a taste of the six continents, save for Antarctica. Alert: this is a Spain that few people know.
A Spain that wraps in it bits & crumbs of Croatia, Egypt, Iceland, US, New Zealand… and much more.
Fifty Weeks of Spain will be blowing your socks off regularly – as the title promise it, weekly – peeling Spain off its hidden wonders. Picture a Spain with:
  • Viking landings
  • Flamingo lakes
  • Endless sand dunes
  • Miniature cities
  • Underwater sculpture museums
  • Mountains you could mistake for Torres del Paine
  • a walk down 1 Milion cherry trees that overshadows Japan’s Hanami
  • ….and so much more

All found in one. Single. Under-prized Spain.

Travel Differently. Are you coming with me?