Not a tourist: Beach-side Hague

When I say Hague, do you think beaches, sunshine, Aperols and gin tonics? Me neither!


Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when, jumping on the opportunity to work remotely for a few days and join the hubby in his travels, I got a super warm welcome from the cosmopolitan city.


In a nutshell

Hague is seriously pretty, not too expensive (cheaper than Brussels, anyway) and seems to have it all: cool architecture, canals, plenty of art galleries and museums, a wide and inviting beach offering a wide selection of bars and clubs, and some seriously great food.

I didn’t really have any expectations about, well, anything Hague related, I mostly knew the city for its EU institutions.

And that was great!

Because when you don’t have expectations and don’t know much about the place you’re visiting, without realizing you’re letting yourself go into a completely different mind state.

So one of my goals for this year is to have at least 3 more no-expectations trips. With everything Spain (my new homebase) has to offer, it shouldn’t be difficult; but I’m digressing…

We got there on a sunny Sunday and stopped for a big ass jar of lemonade to keep us going till the beach, which was some 5 km away from the hotel.


Hague = Beach

Even in May, the weather was excellent.

You probably won’t want to go into the cold waters of the North Sea, but you’ll have a great chill-out time at the beach nonetheless.

Have a look:


Just as you reach the Scheveningen Beach, you’ll find a great range of bars to lounge while admiring the view.

We had a first pit stop at the  BooNooNooNoos. Their tagline: Jamaican talk for Happiness & Delight

And what a view too:

..and the seaview

There are plenty of bars to choose from, and my guess is in summertime there are even more pop up options; since there is good competition, the bars will try to outdo their neighbor, so that means you’ll get something like :

Hart Beach Quiksilver 


Or Blue Lagoon, perfect for a chilly day near the fireplace.

Pretty good, Hague, pretty good.


The Art of Hague

Hague is a city that loves Art, whether it’s the beach statues, the many art galleries or the city’s architecture.

The Binnenhof building complex next to the Hofvijver lake makes for a perfect photo spot.


Sometimes (well, a lot of times)  it’s refreshing to just be in the moment and not care too much about knowing all the details behind a certain building or tourist spot.

I mean, you can read all about it before, or in my case after the trip. And why not?

Doing this, the place will manage to surprise you once more, and bring the joy of travelling into your now back home mood.

The Hague finger food Mania

A girl’s gotta eat, so we decided to just go where the crowd goes (based on reviews at least) which meant MILU.


Both food and ambiance were excellent.  The interior has a nice mix of urban/industrial and nature, but huge pots of plants decorating the restaurant in green and turquoise tones. My favorite!

We had had some great mini burgers, mini pizzas and mini fajitas at MILU.

Mini food for maxi appetites @MILU
For some reason, Hague people really dig tapas. There were so many snack bars and restaurants where finger food was popular!
Bite Me is another one we enjoyed, because of the quirky international flavor twist they gave their finger foods.

We were just snacking so we still stuck to the mini burgers, but someone ordered the the Lebanon Grilled Lamb with baba ghanoush and it looked like something I’d bite from..

The Chocolate Suicide desert  didn’t sound like a bad way to die either..

To walk off the food, a good stroll in the Westbroekpark park was just the thing we needed, after a Hague day out.

I absolutely loved the relaxed day, in a city you don’t know, living like you just moved there and you’re exploring options.  Sometimes it’s the little things..

Ending  in the words of National Geographic’s Andrew Evan:

“Don’t be a tourist. Plan less. Go slowly. I traveled in the most inefficient way possible and it took me exactly where I wanted to go”

His refreshing TEDx Talk  here.
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