Basking in Sunshine: Mauritius

How in the world did I even get here?
Unexpectedly, that’s how.
You take a bit of wishful thinking, mix it up with a whole lot of luck, and add the magic ingredient: that one person who knows that a perfect present always comes in the shape of a flight number. A long amazing weekend is just a tiny sampling of what Mauritius has to offer, of course. But hey, you won’t hear me complaining.

How to get to Mauritius

I traveled from Brussels, so flying Emirates was the most convenient option.
Depending on the month, you can find tickets from Europe for as low as 600 €, and there are several airlines serving the destination, among which Emirates, Air France and BA.
You can check the full list on Skyscanner here.
As always, my point here is: flying to such an exotic destination does not have to be expensive, if you are doing your homework and keep an eye out for good deals on flights.

Where to stay

Mauritius has plenty of accommodation options, for all pockets.
We stayed at Le Meridien, a decent 4* hotel in the north of the island, Pointe aux Piments, which costed roughly 250 € / night. lists an average price per night of 137 € in Mauritius, but you can rent villas in decent locations close to the beach for as little as 45 €/ night.

And if you’re the kind that like a more local flavor to their travels there are enough on Airbnb up for grabs. I’ve seen beach-side listings for as little as 17 € pp / night.

Bottom line, with proper planning, accommodation in Mauritius can really cost you as much as you’d be spending on a fancy holiday in Greece in high season.

Things to Do in Mauritius

I highly recommend you take the sails and go on a catamaran cruise, it’s a great way to see much of the island coast.
Mauritius catamaran cruise to Isle aux Cerfs
 We booked a Full-Day Catamaran Cruise to Isle aux Cerfs on Viator for only 60 € and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made on Viator.
Isle aux Cerfs


Note that the pick up from the hotel is not included, so if you’re not close to the departure spot (we were on the other side of the island) you’ll be stuck to getting a taxi and paying another 40-50 €.
Taxis in Mauritius are not cheap, but if you negotiate it decently you can get a taxi for 50 € for the entire day.

That being said, the cruise also included lunch, in form of a barbecue, and an all-day drinks service.  The barbecue was exquisite and food diverse was plentiful, catering to everyone’s tastes.


You’ll have no more than 15 people on the catamaran, so there is plenty of space to lounge and enjoy the amazing sea and land views Mauritius has to offer.
We had a small sampling of the island’s wildlife – mostly in forms of monkeys and birds, and there were extra activities available for those interested, such as snorkeling and paragliding, at relatively cheap rates.

Paragliding is a must do! The views from up there are some of the best I’ve ever seen in my life, promise!
There are so many things to choose from, but fortunately (not) we were pressed by time so we could not adventure into more than the catamaran cruise.


Here are some other activities I had set my eyes on and which I would recommend

Other stuff to do while in Mauritius

  • Underwater Waterfall Helicopter tour for 390 €. For those who are first hearing about it: the underwater waterfall is a runoff of sand and silt deposits which, when seen from above, creates the illusion of a waterfall. It’s located at the south-west tip of the island.
I’ve linked them all to the Mauritius Attractions website, even though I mostly tend to use Viator, just in case you want more options to choose from.
Oh and do also keep an eye out for the newest feature on Airbnb, which is aiming at turning the website into an all-in-one trip-planning platform.
Let me know how it goes, share your own pictures and feel free to add your comments below.
Happy wandering!